It’s Tough Taking Tuberculosis Medication

Timpiyian Leseni, a Maasai from Kenya, talks about the stress of taking medication after she contracted Zoonotic TB, a form of the disease transmitted through food (unpasteurized milk and untreated animal products). Swallowing huge pills, taking daily injections and suffering joint pains and weight loss amounted to enormous stress on the body, she explains.  The experience has turned her into a passionate advocate and now she works to ensure that the Maasai community will be among the first to eliminate TB.

This video was commissioned by ACTION and produced by Groundbreak Productions Ltd. at the 2016 Union Conference.

Also check out these inspiring videos by Timur Abdullaev and Vivian Cox, MD, discussing their experience with tuberculosis. Timpiyian also participated in ACTION's media training workshop in Paris in 2017.